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Amber ([personal profile] twistingkage) wrote2014-04-08 12:16 am

shit man it's an introduction

Hello, everyone! This is where I'm going to link from now on whenever I have to do an intro plurk, so those of you who came here from my plurk, welcome.

If you didn't, but ran into this page some other way, welcome to you, too.

➢ I'm not a very interesting person, unfortunately, and most of my chatter will be about fandom, AUs, crossovers, and what-have-you. I'm a 21-year-old currently living in Olathe, KS.

I currently play Geo Stelar from MegaMan Star Force at [community profile] bravenewworld!

➢ Things you will probably hear me chatter about: Leverage, Persona, Pokemon, Etrian Odyssey, whatever fandom I've thrown myself into most recently. I like a lot of cop/detective shows, too!!

➢ I have a muselist over this way.

✔ Personal journal: You're here!
♡ Plurk: [ profile] twistingkage It's pretty easy to reach me here, unless Plurk is drunk for some reason. <_>
☀ Tumblr: [ profile] palletred I'm only on sporadically, and it's mostly reblogs (I also have an art blog over at [ profile] twistingkage)
✬ Flight Rising: blazewingflight. Here be dragons, and sometimes I plurk about them.
♛ AIM/Skype: twistingkage. Easiest way to contact me, I'm almost always on. Unless I'm sleeping.

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