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Etrian Odyssey OCs!

Adair Lovell - Protector. Gentle, noble, with a need to help anyone he meets, but very naive. Leaves most of the big decisions for the guild to Damian, who's his childhood friend. Trusts easily.
Damian Alger - Dark Hunter. Canny and pragmatic. Laidback, likes to tease. Despite all this, surprisingly ruthless on the battlefield.
Brett Prescott - Medic. Fun-loving goofball who enjoys making people smile and laugh. Longtime friend of Chelsea's. Probably requires a babysitter. Anger at your own risk.
Chelsea Jennings - Alchemist. 75% aloof academic, 25% Exposition Fairy, 100% walking force of nature. Attempts to keep Brett in line to varying degrees of success, sees him as a (very annoying) brother.
Emery Ryder - Survivalist. Serious and judgmental for her young age. Hardly ever speaks, emotes even less. Showed up on the day Polaris formed to join the guild, never gave any explanation as to why.
Fabian Dedrick - Landsknecht. A bit of a blood knight who wants to take on the Labyrinths in part to test his skills and in part for the sheer thrill of it. Quiet, otherwise. A bit of a homebody, to everyone's shock.
Giselle Quincy - Hexer. Enjoys what she does a little too much, loves to spook and unsettle people. Shockingly polite and mild otherwise. Cheerfully morbid.
Haruna Matsuoka - Ronin. Seems lovely, ladylike, and delicate... which couldn't be further from the truth. Very tomboyish with a rough and tumble attitude, a result of growing up with three older brothers. A little self-conscious of the sharp contrast between her looks and personality. Has a hot temper.
Iantha Hawthorne - Troubadour. A gentle, motherly woman who loves taking care of people. Very protective of those she considers under her care.

Dahlia Frost - Gunner. Stern and usually cold, but not entirely uncaring.
Elliot Frost - Survivalist. The complete opposite of his sister, playful and relaxed. Especially likes messing with Arata.
Arata Kimura - Ronin. Has an explosive temper and is prone to backtalk. Equally prone to bickering with Elliot.
Bethany Marchand - Medic. Amnesiac, but apparently not that bothered by it. Cheerful and friendly. Skilled for her young age and loves what she does.
Cole Paris - Alchemist. Shy and generally prefers to let Bethany do the talking for both of them. Son of a jeweler, has interest in the craft as well.
Finn Scriven - Troubadour.
Gloria Blythe - Landsknecht.
Hazael Thorley - War Magus.
Ichabod Ward - Hexer.
Luz - Beast.
Julianne Audley - Dark Hunter.
Kazia Sinclair - Protector.
Malte Sokoll - Highlander.
Nikolai Dragov - Sovereign.

Annalise Delacroix - Sovereign. Friendly and trusting, much to Edith's chagrin. Has a strong sense of fairness and is somewhat naive, but unwavering when she makes a decision. Good with tactics and a skilled swordswoman.
Edith Overton - Hoplite. Cold and strict, focused on her duty of protecting Annalise. Has a few soft spots for her charge, her younger siblings and for people who want to protect others.
Blake Paget - Gladiator.
Cassandra Paget - Monk. Straightforward and prefers to solve problems by punching them. Huge appetite, fond of food in general. Can't turn her back on someone in need.
Fiora - Wildling.
Gavin Blackbourne - Buccaneer.
Hailey Clarke - Arbalist.
Ichirou Watanabe - Ninja.
Jonah Ashworth - Farmer.
Keisuke Sato - Shogun.
Leto - Yggdroid.

Chase Belvedere - Medic. Fussy Team Mom and he can't even deny the "mom" part anymore. All but bends over backwards to make sure the others are happy and well taken care of. Constant worrier, often jumps to conclusions.
Beatrice Lyndon - Sniper. Analytical, with a good eye for detail. Proficient tactician, usually calls the shots in battle. Probably needs to loosen up a little.
Daciana Talbot - Runemaster. Small, smart, and brutally honest. Never backs down from a challenge. Sweeter than expected when she opens up and incredibly devoted, loves Chase like an older brother. Devoted to her studies.
Alethea Romilly - Landsknecht. Horrifyingly casual about throwing herself into mortal danger. Has big dreams of being a hero and a strong sense of justice. Childhood friends with Elias. Incredibly reckless.
Elias Rothschild - Fortress. Almost never speaks unless he absolutely has to. Little bit of a doormat. Best friends with Alethea since childhood. Gives nicknames to everyone.
Felicita Adessi - Dancer. More of a Cool Big Sis rather than a Team Mom, always has a smile and a kind word for everyone. Devoted to the cause of spreading joy however she can. Superlative dancer, good cook, and excellent storyteller. Something of a bleeding heart.
Gabriel Pryor - Nightseeker. Has all the appearance of the tall, dark, and brooding type but with a hundred percent less brooding. Surprisingly jovial, but has a bit of a sadistic side. Gets very excited about history and legends.
Huan Zhu - Arcanist. Skittish and shy, more likely to hide than engage in conversation until he's gotten used to someone. Very caring and considerate when he does open up, though.
Izumi Yamamoto - Bushi. Proud warrior who's calm and collected until she's on a battlefield. Tends to prioritize honor before reason (except in fights; in fights, anything goes). Trains a lot.
Joachim Desrosiers - Imperial. A mountain of a man who's more of a giant teddy bear than one would expect. Loves children and is very enamored with the idea of having a family once he's through with exploring and fighting.

Vega Kjeldsen - Fencer.
Altair Lincoln - Warlock.
Spica Barros - Hound. Blind, relies on her pets (named Alcor and Mizar) to get around and fight.
Regulus Niles - Necromancer.
Alioth Dekel - Herbalist.
Bellatrix Aeron - Reaper. Cool and aloof, but tends to get fiercely protective of those she cares about.
Alkaid Havel - Dragoon. Flippant and seemingly carefree.
Shaula Zviad - Cestus.
Denebola Tarasios - Masurao.
Phecda Bencivenni - Shaman.

Zaira Serafini - Landsknecht.
Yui Inoue - Wanderer.
Valencia Basile - Protector.
Rhys McNiall - Hexer.
Satomi Fujimoto - Ninja.
Wardell Breen - Runemaster.
Quentin Nylund - Medic.
Ulrich Abramsen - Gunner.
Taryn Aritza - Dancer.
Xander Caron - Sovereign.

Phoenix Corra - Medic. Soft-spoken and patient, but with a backbone of steel. Not readily cowed by attempts to intimidate her. Turns into a 5'0 ball of poisonous fury when her friends are threatened.
Auriga Van Laar - Protector. Quietly devoted to Phoenix. Gentle and fatherly.
Columba Devereux - Dark Hunter.
Virgo Tresler - Troubadour. Unrepentant troll, loves to tease everyone. Friendly and loves telling stories, talks a hundred miles a minute if allowed. Orion is their favorite guildmate for his willingness to banter with them.
Libra Weiss - Alchemist. Fight-happy and fond of explosions. Loud and confident and endlessly curious. Loves taking things apart to see how they work.
Orion Beck - Survivalist. Unrepentant punster who loves to have fun. Most at ease when in action. Good with animals. Quick-witted and enjoys bantering with Virgo.
Lacerta Berardi - Hexer. Solemn and deliberate in everything she does. Has some sort of sixth sense that she relies on. The others have learned to not question it.
Volans Fournier - Ronin. Goofy old man who's a lot more deadly than his cheerful demeanor suggests. Treats the younger members of the guild like his children and grandchildren.
Leo Holtzner - Landsknecht. Total fussbudget.
Perseus Donovan - Gunner. Lots of sarcasm and anger, zero chill and zero tolerance for incompetence. Something of a hair-trigger temper, thank god he doesn't have an itchy trigger finger as well. Does care beneath all the anger, one just has to... well, get past all that anger.
Lyra Demir - War Magus.
Corona - Sovereign.
Ursa - Beast. Corona's pet bear.
Serpens Belrose - Highlander. Sweet and gentle up until she's in battle. Something of a berserker in battle. Doesn't seem to fear anything.

Jasmine Lagorio - Ninja. Leader. Mostly just really done with everyone's crap.
Cassia - Sovereign.
Fennel Aust - Gladiator.
Sorrel Ignatov - Monk. Nervous and jumpy. Good friends with Rosemary and Sage.
Sage Zunino - Zodiac.
Rosemary Silveira - Hoplite. Loud and confident.
Annatto Abrami - Wildling.
Coriander Rivero - Buccaneer. Playful, flirts with anyone and everyone in her age range.
Tarragon Landau - Arbalist.
Mint Warrick - Farmer. Caring and responsible, but not afraid of a little hard work. Loves to cook and sew, but also enjoys exploration with a passion despite not being much use in battle. Tries to be the Team Mom despite her young age.
Paprika Jasso - Shogun.
Saffron - Yggdroid.

Felt Holzknecht - Landsknecht. Shy and uncertain, despite being considered the guild's leader. Usually leaves the actual leading to Flannel and Suede, his childhood friends.
Damask Clemens - Fortress. Soft-hearted, mild, and sweet despite his intimidating looks. Kind of a crybaby, but gladly lays his life on the line for his friends.
Leather Clifton - Nightseeker. Small and shy, but loves her friends and especially her big sister, Lace. Wishes she could be pretty or graceful like her big sister, but is okay with being good in a fight instead.
Lace Clifton - Dancer. Would rather dance than fight. Mostly only joined the guild because Damask asked her and Leather, and then Leather gave her puppy eyes. Gentle. Adores her little sister.
Suede Maruska - Sniper. Cocky and adventurous, usually the first to charge headlong into a fight. Bickers a lot with Flannel. The walking definition of "irresponsible."
Flannel Beutel - Runemaster. Probably the closest thing this guild actually has to a real leader. Sarcastic smartass, but does genuinely care. ... Good luck getting her to admit to it, though.
Taffeta Ely - Medic. Earnest and eager to prove herself.
Chiffon Feldt - Arcanist.
Angora Raptis - Bushi.
Paisley Van Hautum - Imperial. Reluctant babysitter.

Maia Sebastiani - Sniper. Leader. Wise and lovely, but seems haunted for some reason. Has a bad, bad case of Chronic Hero Syndrome and can't seem to say no to anyone who needs help.
Electra Valentinov - Nightseeker. Oddly enthusiastic about walking right into danger, often putting her at odds with Celaeno. Almost always smiling, although how genuine it is tends to be up for debate. Very dangerous when she stops smiling. Might not be playing with a full deck.
Merope Alcheri - Dancer. I'm not entirely sure, I just know that she and Asterope hang around each other a lot.
Asterope Arends - Landsknecht. Soft-spoken, soft-hearted, sleepy, and more than a little awkward. Mostly prefers to take care of the weapons rather than fight--she says she's seen enough of it for several lifetimes. Has a lovely singing voice, much to Merope's delight.
Alcyone McKenna - Medic. Gentle, sweet and hard-working, but also proud and stubborn. Refuses to ask for help, even when she's well aware she's in over her head.
Celaeno Giese - Fortress. Tough-minded and practical with a quick temper. Won't stand for anyone carelessly throwing themselves into danger. Cares more than she likes to admit.
Taygeta Sangster - Runemaster. I got nothin'.

Michael Ravenna - Fencer.
Laurelle Richter - Warlock.
Irina Lazarov - Dragoon.
Jeanne Kysely - Cestus.
Natale Arechavaleta - Reaper.
Odette Van Daalen - Necromancer.
Quirino Veronesi - Shaman.
Percy MacRae - Herbalist.
Kamil Sherazi - Masurao.
Helena Romero - Hound.