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Amber ([personal profile] twistingkage) wrote2016-06-28 01:58 pm

Etrian Odyssey AU meme

I'll write up stuff that's more funny once I'm more awake

1. Explorer's Guild - Signing on a new member? Dismissing someone? Trying a new class on for size? Hope you don't mind all that paperwork...
2. The inn -
3. The shop -
4. The pub - Need a break from missions?
5. Exploration! - What kind of Etrian Odyssey meme would it be without exploring? Are you in the Labyrinth, a strange Plot-Relevant ruin? Hey, what's down that corner over there--WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE FORGOT THE ARIADNE THREAD?!
6. Even in your memes, FOE! - Oh, that's just a deer over there, right? We'll be able to kick its ass no problem, let's g--HOLY SHIT WE FUCKED UP
7. Wildcard! Maybe you're on a mission or taking care of some plot-related crap